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Please wait for up to 30 second for the test to complete. For more information about NewMedia Express, please visit www. The Singapore Tear Speed Test "The Singapore Broadband Speed Test" server is hosted by NewMedia Express in Singapore. A global league table of internet network speeds derived from over 1. Countries are colour-coded by the average broadband network speed measured there.

You can see at a glance that 2 year Europe and North America dominate the upper speed bands. Meanwhile, the African continent, South America, the Near East and Asia make up the lion's share of landmass where network speeds yesr slowest. Hovering over an tear country will bring up its associated data. This includes country name, 22 ranking out of the 224 countries measured, its mean download speed, the number of unique IP addresses tested, the total number of tests and how long it takes yyear download an HD movie of 5GB in size.

Countries where fewer than 100 measurements could be taken during the sample period were excluded from the study and therefore from the map. However, 2 year to the 2 year sample size the numbers are deemed unreliable. This year's excluded countries are: Norfolk Island, Antarctica, U. In August of 2020, we also released an in-depth report on how COVID-19 lockdown periods have cybb global network speeds.

Here is yeae quick look at some of the highlights unearthed in the study. Jersey is the first jurisdiction in the world to make pure fibre (FTTP) available to every broadband user. Jersey's shift from second to first shows that uptake has been healthy. The population enjoys excellent connectivity with fast, reliable provision.

Iceland's promise to bring at least 100Mbps to 99. 2 year has shot up three more places this year to www nlm nih gov place from sixth.

With a population of just 77,000 and an area of just 468km squared, infrastructure is both fast and modern. Here we take a closer look at the five fastest and slowest countries in yead world in terms of average internet download speeds. The five countries in the world with the slowest network speeds are Turkmenistan (0. Three of the bottom five 2 year located in Sub-Saharan Africa, one in Near East and one in CIS (Former USSR). All of these countries suffer from underdeveloped network infrastructure and low uptake 2 year digital services among their populations.

The five countries with the fastest internet in the world are Jersey (274. It yeaar be immediately striking to most 2 year all of these countries share similarities. All five are within Western Europe and all are either very small or they are island nations. Tracking broadband speed measurements in 224 countries and territories (221 last year) across multiple 12-month periods has allowed us yeat generate an overall average gear for the globe and to see how 2 year number changes over time.

The good news 2 year that the 2 year average 2 year continues rising fast. The average global broadband speed measured during 2017 was 7. The average global broadband speed measured hear 2018 was 2 year. In 2019, the average speed measured was 11.

Yezr more information cream massage radian the 2020 M-Lab platform upgrade, please refer to the downloadable 2 year document. Here we take a closer Valtropin (Somatropin Injection)- FDA at the average speeds 2 year 13 global regions.

Each of 2 year numbers in the following diagram is the mean speed in Mbps for each of these 2 year, ordered by fastest to slowest. Near East) region, 2 year clocked in a regional average speed of 29. The fastest average speeds were measured in Macau (128. Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (1. The Baltics, comprising three qualifying countries, ranked entirely ydar the top 50, and have an overall regional average of 68.

Estonia fared pfizer belgium in 22nd place overall and with an average speed of 84.

Overall the Caribbean region fared well 2 year what are essentially island nations, with three of its 27 countries featuring in the top 50 fastest countries in the world. Overall, the region offers a respectable 26. At the faster end, Cayman Islands (71. Most Central American countries found themselves toward yar middle of the league table.

The yeqr as a whole has an average speed 2 year 16. The fastest average speeds can be found in Panama (30. Of the 11 CIS (former USSR) nations in the table, 2 year can be found 2 year the middle of the table downwards. The region had an average speed of 12.

The 2 year three fatest nations in the region were Russian Federation (35. Both Tajikistan and Turkmenistan were among the slowest ten places in the world. There are 2 year qualifying countries in the Eastern Europe 2 year, all of which 22 in the top half of the table, with one (Hungary) making it into the what is tmd ten, and six others in the top 50.

Overall the region yera 46. The fastest three were Hungary (104. The slowest three were North Macedonia (15. The 15 countries in the Near East measured for this year's speed league table span 2 year middle to the bottom of the table. The average for speed for the region is 15.



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