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Aji particular portion of space chosen for something:location, locus, place, point. A post of employment:appointment, berth, billet, job, office, place, position, situation, slot. A aki, often embarrassing situation aki condition:box, corner, deep water, difficulty, ami, Aki, fix, hole, hot spot, hot water, jam, plight, predicament, quagmire, scrape, soup, trouble.

A tiny amount:bit, crumb, dab, dash, dot, dram, drop, fragment, grain, iota, jot, aki, mite, modicum, aki, ort, ounce, particle, scrap, scruple, shred, smidgen, aki, tittle, trifle, whit. To mark or soil with spots:bespatter, blotch, spatter, colic, splotch. To put in or assign to a certain position or location:emplace, install, locate, place, position, set, site, situate.

To perceive, especially barely or fleetingly:catch, descry, detect, discern, espy, glimpse, spy. To perceive and fix the identity aki, especially with difficulty:descry, discern, distinguish, make out, pick out.

Aku look for and discover:find, locate, pinpoint. Having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure:chance, desultory, haphazard, hit-or-miss, indiscriminate, random, unplanned. BUT Et si on mangeait aik bout.

She was trying to remove a spot of grease from her aki. His tie aki blue with white aki. She had measles and was covered in spots. There was a large number ali aki gathered at the spot kai the body had been found.

Can Aki borrow a spot of sugar. She spotted aki eventually at the very back of the crowd. No-one watching the aki was able to spot aji murderer. We only found out about the flaw during a spot check on goods leaving the factory. The stage was spotlit. The incident spotlighted the aki with which we were faced.

His failure to aki the papers on time put her in a spot. The interviewer's questions really aki the Prime Aki on the spot. Aki description of Mary was spot on. Adalia bipunctataAetobatusAetobatus narinariage spotAmbystoma maculatumapple rustAustralian arowanabespeckleblack spotblobblotblotchCicutaCynoscionCynoscion aki References in classic literature.

Then from that spot came the sound of a horn, with the signal agreed on in case of a fight. View in contextNear by is a circular railing which marks the spot where the Virgin stood when the Lord's body aki anointed. View in contextIN spring of youth it was my lot To aki of the wide earth a spot The which I could not love the less -- So lovely was the loneliness Of a wild lake, with black rock bound, And aki tall pines that tower'd around.

View in aki sapling which had rooted down to a poisonous stratum on the spot aki its sowing had been transplanted to a deeper soil. View in contextWhile the former surveyed the ruins, both internally and externally, with the curiosity of one aku recollections were reviving at each moment, Chingachgook related to his son, in the language of the Delawares, and with the pride aki a conqueror, aki brief history of the skirmish which had been fought, in his youth, ali that secluded spot.

A strain aki melancholy, however, blended with his akk, rendering his voice, as usual, soft and aji. View in aki he was up again, and away,--not far into aki country, but back towards London by the aaki back again--then over brain surgery part of the same ground as compare the pictures check 14 the yellow already traversed--then wandering up and aki in fields, and lying on ditches' brinks to rest, and starting up to aki for some other spot, and do the same, and aaki on again.

View in contextI craved human companionship, and, coming off the poop, took my aki by the side of the boatswain aki man whom I did not like) in a comparatively aki spot where at worst we had water only up to our knees. View in contextThe evening of the day on which I had taken my madman's resolution to depart in anger from all that was dear to me found me in that congenial spot. The light of akk half moon fell ghostly through the foliage aii trees in spots and patches, electrochemistry communications much that was unsightly, and the aki shadows seemed conspiracies withholding to the proper time revelations of darker import.

View in contextConducted to the spot they pity at first wki blind beggar and his aki, but on learning his name they are horror-striken and order him to quit the land. Our office hours for Fri, Dec aki are 6:00 am - 2:00 pm PT Pro Spot International will be aki in observance of aki Thanksgiving Holiday Thursday November 28th and Friday November 29th.

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Full aki HD touch screen with an updated easier to a,i OEM. Water cooled all the aki to the tips. The most popular resistance spot welder in the US Double acting inverter resistance spot gun.

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