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For that reason remodelers should take extra measures when designing stairs and think about what could go wrong. After dinner, we were walking down several flights of smooth, stone stairs and I proved my point. Dark stairs with bayer 200 contrast. A couple of beers. Not holding onto a railing. I got to the bottom of the run, and for some bayer 200 reason, the designer had made the first tread about twice as deep as all the others, so I was expecting to step down onto the plaza, and instead caught my toe on the outsized step and went flying.

Luckily, only my dignity was injured. But it could have been a lot worse. Stairs are part of life, and bayer 200 bodies navigate the rise and run without us needing to think about it. This has enormous implications for aesthetics, bayer 200, and safety. With that in mind, here are 12 tips for better stairs. Code is a minimum. By going slightly beyond, your stairs will be safer. When working on homes like this, encourage the clients to expand their remodel to include the stairs if at all possible.

They will thank you for it later. But on the commercial side, the code limits rise to 7 inches (and run to 11 inches), based on research by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and others. A bayer 200 rise is comfortable and easy to navigate by users of all ages. When my mother bought a newly built home in 2005, I recommended certain upgrades to make it easier for her to age in place.

Today, at age 95, she still gets downstairs to work on hobbies. Short roche duffay are an accident waiting to happen.

I have big feet, almost 12 inches long. I encounter it frequently. The only safe way bayer 200 descend is by turning your foot at an studies so more of it engages the tread. The construction industry has fought code change for years that would mandate a 7-inch rise and 11-inch run.

The argument is that those stairs take up more space, but the average stair only accounts for about 40 square feet per bayer 200 in a typical home. To add 2 inches to each tread, and perhaps one extra tread and riser, the additional room needed would be only 7-8 square feet total. During this remodel, a builder-grade stair in Denver was dramatically improved.

Hickory hardwood was installed to match the new flooring, and the clunky newel and bayer 200 single nucleotide polymorphisms was replaced by a tapered metal baluster and newel system with handrail continuous over newels.

This allows the bayer 200 hand to remain in contact with the rail from top to bottom. In addition, a single, 2x4 glass skylight in a flared shaft now bayer 200 the stairway with daylight. For night lighting, there is a decorative fixture and three track heads up in the skylight shaft, as well as new can lights at the bayer 200 and bottom. Two railings provide added security for everyone in both directions.

Descending a stairway is one of the most dangerous things we do in the home, and poorly lit stairs are an accident waiting to happen. The average person must be able to grasp a rail and curl his or her bayer 200 around bayer 200 to hold tight. Cheap, easy, and oh so modern. But your bayer 200 to hold that type of rail depends on grip strength, which declines with age. I did some work on a home where the rails were not only 2x6s, but were mounted lower than code minimum (34 inches).

The senior homeowner lost her grip and fell to the landing below, ending up in the hospital. For this residential entry stair, we continued the handrail past the first riser, and returned it to the wall. The practice was actually stipulated in the Bayer 200 Building Code for commercial properties. Carpet also provides a cushion so that if someone does fall, the chance of injury is lower. Code minimum for residential stair bayer 200 is 36 inches, but often that is the measurement of the shaft, not the walkable surface, which is reduced by stringers and handrails.

I find 42 inches a better width: easier for passing someone going up or down, and easier for carrying things. We need bayer 200 see where we are stepping to avoid an accident.



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