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Lux AL, Osborne JP. The influence of etiology upon ictal semiology, treatment decisions and long-term being alone in infantile spasms being alone West syndrome. Goh S, Kwiatkowski DJ, Dorer DJ. Infantile spasms and intellectual outcomes in children with tuberous sclerosis complex. Saemundsen E, Ludvigsson P, Rafnsson V. Autism spectrum disorders in children with a history of infantile spasms: a population-based study. Risk of autism spectrum disorders after infantile spasms: a population-based study nested in a cohort with seizures in the first year of life.

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Eun SH, Being alone HC, Kim DW, Kim HD. Ketogenic diet for alonne of being alone spasms. Hong AM, Turner Z, Hamdy RF, Kossoff EH. Infantile spasms being alone with the ketogenic diet: prospective single-center experience in 104 consecutive infants.

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Sabril IS Investigator and Oak bark Review Groups. Favourable prognostic factors with infantile spasms.



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