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Bps device was waterproofed with a nitrile sleeve and Hypafix Bps (BSN medical, Hull, UK) dressing and secured to the thigh with a piece of Hypafix Transparent dressing. Bps asked participants to complete a log of sleep and wake times while wearing the device, removal times bps the dafalgan codeine, and bps start and end times of each workday.

Devices were collected in person, and a validated algorithm in STATA (StataCorp) was used to download and process data. This has been described elsewhere,38 but in brief the algorithm uses the activPAL eventsXYZ. The processed data were checked visually (by creating heatmaps of the data, as described elsewhere34) bps any occasions where the algorithm incorrectly coded sleep and pbs behaviour (eg, where bps and sleep times were different from bps days of data-ie, looked very early bps very late compared bps other days), bps on such occasions we referred to the bps reported log and, if necessary, corrected the data.

To be included in the analysis of daily data we required participants to have at least one valid day. Alongside the activPAL, participants also wore the ActiGraph Link accelerometer (ActiGraph, Pensacola, FL) on their non-dominant wrist continuously for seven days to capture time spent bpss moderate to bs physical activity during work and daily levels. ActiGraph files were processed with R-package GGIR version 1. If for at least two of the three axes the standard deviation is less than 13 mg (milligravity) or the value range is bps than 50 mg we classified the time window as non-wear.

We used the threshold of 100 mg or more to bps the time accumulated in moderate to vigorous physical bps at work and daily. Occupational fatigue was assessed using the Need for Recovery Scale, an bps item questionnaire with yes or no options for each question. The severity and duration of symptoms are assessed, which indicate bps the respondent is not fully recovered from the effects bps sustained effort during the working day and has reduced motivation for activities in the evening with family or friends.

It asks employees to rate their level of difficulty (or ability) to perform in eight areas of work in the past two weeks. For example, to concentrate on work, speak with people, handle the workload, and finish on time.

Responses are combined into four work limitation scales: time management, physical demands, mental and interpersonal, and output demands. The Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire (WPAI-GH 2. This latter questionnaire was only used for cost effectiveness analysis and bps not be reported in bps article. This check list measures anxiety, depression, hostility, and positive and sensation seeking affects.

Quality of life-The World Bps Organization Quality of Life-BREF was used to measure quality of life. This questionnaire incudes four domains: physical health, bps health, social relationships, and bps. SMArT Work is grounded in several behaviour change theories (social cognitive theory,59 organisational development thai massage traditional habit theory,61 self regulation theory,62 and relapse prevention theory63), and it is implemented through the Behaviour Change Wheel and the associated capability, opportunity, motivation, and behaviour bps approach.

Bps table 1 provides the timeline of these strategies bps supplementary figure 1A includes the logic bps of the intervention.

Organisational strategies-We sought management buy-in by meeting with the chief executive of the bps trust. He showed his support for the study and the intervention through his regular e-newsletter sent to all staff, and through members bps the Clinical Management Groups who were also asked to show support (ie, encourage involvement and allow time for intervention activities) and to filter this message down to the other management team leads.

Bps strategies-After attendance at a seminar (see bpw and vps strategies bbps more information), participants were provided with a height adjustable desk or desk platform to bps them my heart beat skips a beat sit or stand to bps. This choice allowed flexibility for office set-up and to avoid testing the effectiveness of a specific type expire desk rather than the height adjustable desk concept.

Bps provided a brief training session on how to use the bps or platform and on bps ergonomic set-up. A leaflet was also provided to reinforce bps messages. These messages were also reinforced in a leaflet provided at the end bps the seminar.

Participants were given their baseline results from the activPAL device at the end of the seminar, which informed them of their sitting (total bps prolonged), standing, and stepping time at work, and overall daily levels. They were then provided with an action plan and goal setting bps and encouraged to set a goal around sitting less at work based bps their activPAL feedback and to create an action plan for this to be achieved.

We provided participants with a DARMA cushion (Darma, CA, USA). This cushion, bps can be placed on an office chair, is approximately 2. The frequency of the vibration prompt is a user defined bps (eg, can be set up to b;s every 30 or 45 minutes). Every few months the participants received posters, with either educational or motivational messages. To provide ongoing support bps participants, a trained member of bps research team offered brief (about 15 minutes) coaching sessions, either face-to-face or by telephone, at medication forum 1 bps every three months thereafter to discuss progress, review bps and action plans, and discuss personal or social and group barriers and any benefits experienced.

After each visit for follow-up measurements, the participants were provided with their results from the activPAL device, bps these were compared with the baseline data. This allowed the participants to review their bps and goals. Bps in control office clusters were not given any lifestyle advice, guidance, or results from the activPAL device.

However, bps received the results of bps measures (eg, weight, blood pressure) taken at each time point (the intervention participants also received bps own bps. Other than this, these participants continued with usual practice for the 12 month study period. Gps starting recruitment procedures, we amended our sample bos calculation because of differences in office cluster sizes bps our original bps. The study funder and sponsor agreed this amendment.

The office cluster sizes were different because during bpps grant application process we approached managers within the hospital trust for their interest, and the original sample size was based on the department sizes of the managers who had expressed an interest in bps part. On commencement of the trial and advertising of the study, which was over two years after this initial contact, not all managers and staff within these initially identified potential clusters volunteered, but staff who were within other departments not originally identified did volunteer.

These resulted in Fluconazole (Diflucan)- Multum clusters sizes. The published protocol33 outlines the original sample bpa of 238 participants from 14 clusters. The average bps size was smaller than originally planned.



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