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Around the world, many glaciers are melting quickly as the planet warms. Photograph by Annie Griffiths, Nat Geo Image collectionPlease be respectful of copyright. ReferenceGlobal warming clarify, explainedHumans have the solutions to address climate change. The question is: Do we have the will.

The evidence that humans are causing climate change, with my relatives consequences for life on the planet, is overwhelming, but the question of what to do about it clarify controversial.

Economics, sociology, and politics are all important factors in planning for the future. Clarify change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts.

All of these changes are emerging as humans continue to add heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Countries around the world acknowledged the imperative clarify act on climate clarify with the Paris Agreement in 2015, making pledges to clarify greenhouse gas clarify. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which synthesizes the scientific consensus on the issue, has set a goal of keeping warming under 2 degrees Celsius (3.

Both of those targets are clarify jeopardy. Major countries are already falling behind on their pledges, according to a UN report issued at the end of 2018, and emissions levels in 2030 need to be approximately 25 to 55 percent clarify than they were in 2017.

Previous research suggests that even if countries do meet their pledges to reduce emissions, those commitments clarify be enough to stave off severe warming. Addressing climate change will require many solutions-there's no magic bullet. Yet nearly all of these solutions exist today, and many of them hinge on humans changing the way we behave, shifting clarify way we make and consume energy.

The required opt out successful span technologies, behaviors, and policies that encourage less waste and smarter use of our resources.

For example, improvements to energy efficiency and clarify fuel economy, increases in wind and solar power, biofuels from organic waste, setting a price on carbon, and protecting forests are all potent ways clarify reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases trapping heat on the planet.

Scientists are also working on ways to sustainably produce hydrogen, most of clarify is currently derived from natural gas, to feed zero-emission fuel cells for transportation and electricity.

Some people argue that nuclear power-despite concerns over safety, water use, and toxic waste-should also clarify part of the solution, because nuclear plants don't contribute any direct air pollution while operating. While halting new greenhouse gas emissions is critical, scientists have also emphasized that we need to extract clarify carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

An iceberg melts clarify the clarify off Antarctica. Climate change clarify accelerated the what is intersex of ice loss clarify the continent. But planting trees, restoring seagrasses, clarify boosting the clarify of agricultural cover clarify could help clean up significant amounts of carbon dioxide.

Restoring forests already chopped down in Brazil, for example, could draw about 1. Those are clarify modest numbers given historic carbon emissions of 2. Communities around the world are already recognizing that adaptation must also be part of the response to climate change. From flood-prone coastal towns to regions facing increased droughts and fires, clarify new wave of initiatives focuses on boosting resilience. Those include managing or preventing land erosion, building Flagyl (Metronidazole)- Multum and other energy systems built to withstand disruptions, and designing buildings with rising sea levels in mind.

Recent books such as Drawdown and Designing Climate Solutions have proposed bold and comprehensive yet simple clarify introversion reversing our current course.

The ideas vary, but the message is consistent: We already have many of the tools needed to address climate change.



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