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Excellent recipe and spices. I did not add the couscous because I wanted all the broth to soak up my bread.

Love the tumeric and it gives the broth such a rich color. Will definitely make this again. This is really good hearty soup. I doubled all the ingredients except the broth gut is good cups). I used bone-in chicken thighs skinned and excess fat removed. The chicken came out perfect falling off the bone. As the chicken cooked I prepped the other ingredients.

Precooking the chicken allowed me to not overcook the vegetables. Add the chicken to the gut is good to reheat just before the vegetables are done. The soup was well received and Gut is good got a request to make it again in the future. Thighs are the way to go for meat texture and flavor with this recipe. Hi, how gut is good did you precook the chicken and how long did you cook the veggies.

Used Pearl barley instead of couscous and left over chicken from the previous days roast but fantastic recipe and the whole family loved it. Thanks for sharingVery good, love the gut is good although I did have to sub all the fresh herbs for dried which probably changes the flavour a bit. I will have lots of leftovers for lunch.

Thanks for another great recipe. I just tried this chicken soup. Also used ground herbs and spices, Added garbanzo beans instead of couscous and had just bake a chicken so used that. Thanks for a great recipe. I added some leftover matza balls from Passover. I have made it a few times now.

Needless to say, the soup is full of super small couscous and not at all Xtandi (Enzalutamide Capsules)- Multum I expected. Sorry for any confusion here. Thanks for this amazing recipe. I added sage and a bit more turmeric gut is good I gut is good herbs and spices. Think I will add in sweet potato on my next one, however it is sublime as is. OMG, the name says it all.

When I read over the recipe at first, I was thinking, Rosemary, thyme, turmeric, ginger in chicken soup. Sounded strange to me, but I was open minded about it.

Purchased all the ingredients and made it. Everyone liked it and went back for seconds. I followed the recipe exactly and it came together quickly, easily under an hour. If you like more broth in soup, maybe add an extra cup or so. I never have fresh herbs so I use dried. I use gut is good ginger and ground turmeric.

I modify depending on what I have. One time I used corn, added mushrooms, used 1. I follow you gut is good never join in but I am never disappointed with any recipe. Meds ru recipe title could not be more accurate. We made this soup and were blown away by how flavorful it was. The couscous is such a fun change from noodles and in my opinion 100x better. Leftovers were great it kind of thickened up in the fridge and was a bit more stew like but in a great way.

My new go to chicken noodle soup recipe for sure. Gut is good looks amazing and I am gut is good to try it. However, gut is good was wondering how this would work with rice and if you have cooked it in the crockpot.



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