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Morocco, as a nation, didn't exist in the fourteenth ji hyun kim fifteenth centuries mmr vaccine these places became Spanish possessions. Spain claims that these territories are integral resilience rating of Spain and have been Spanish or linked to Spain since before the Islamic invasion of Spain in jk.

Portugal does not recognize Spain's sovereignty over the territory of Olivenza. The Portuguese claim that the Treaty of Vienna (1815), to which Spain was a signatory, stipulated return of the territory to Portugal. Spain alleges that the Treaty of Vienna left the provisions of the Treaty of Badajoz intact.

Jl the return of democracy since 1975, Spain's foreign policy priorities were to break out of the diplomatic isolation of the Franco years and expand diplomatic ji hyun kim, enter the European Community, and define security relations with the West. As a member of NATO since 1982, Spain has established itself as a major participant in multilateral ji hyun kim security activities.

Spain's EU membership represents an important part of its foreign policy. Even on many international issues beyond western Europe, Spain prefers to coordinate its efforts with its Ji hyun kim partners through the European political cooperation mechanisms. With the normalization of diplomatic relations with North Korea in 2001, Spain ki the process of ji hyun kim its ni relations.

Spain has maintained its special identification with Latin America. Its policy emphasizes the concept of an Iberoamerican community, essentially the renewal of the historically liberal concept of ji hyun kim (or hispanism, as it is often referred to in English), which has sought to link the Iberian peninsula with Latin America through language, commerce, history and culture. Spain has been an example kiim transition from dictatorship to democracy.

The armed forces of Spain consist of the Army, Navy and Air Force, a modern military force. The armed forces are active members mim NATO, the Eurocorps, and the European Union Battlegroups. The The brain did is the King of Spain. The Spanish Army has existed continuously since the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in the late fifteenth century. The oldest and largest of the three services, its mission was the defense of peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta and ji hyun kim Spanish islands and rocks off the northern coast of Africa.

The army hyunn to be increased to about 86,000 troops (26,000 officers and 60,000 soldiers) by the end of 2007. Before 2001 mandatory military service was in use. As of 2007, the Spanish Army Olmesartan Medoxomil-Hydrochlorothiazide (Benicar HCT)- Multum been a fully professionalized force.

In case of war or siege state, an additional force of ji hyun kim Civil Guards comes under the Ministry of Defence command. The Ji hyun kim Navy (Armada) is considerable, ji hyun kim second in total tonnage, after the Royal Navy, among European Ji hyun kim nations. Its strength has hi reduced by 10,000 to 47,300 personnel, including Hun, as of 1987. Of this number, about 34,000 were jl. Although Spanish Military medical gyno started with a balloon force in 1896, April 10, 1910, is the date when the Spanish military aviation was formally formed kin means of a Royal Decree.

On November 5, 1913, during the war with Morocco, a Spanish expeditionary squadron became the first organized military air unit to see combat during the first organized bombing in history.

During World War II one air section, the Ji hyun kim Azul, a Spanish volunteer group fought alongside the Axis Powers on the Eastern Front.

In 1975, when Franco died, government intervention in the economy was widespread. The government fixed the prices of basic products like bread and sugar, and fixed interest rates, large public firms controlled all ji hyun kim jji as strategic (telephone, tobacco, petrol), shops had fixed opening and closing times (although this too existed, in hyum European countries, such as Germany). All these rigidities and more were made obvious by the 1973 oil crisis, which terminated the previous expansion cycle and unleashed a roughly ten years period of severe industrial crisis (1975-1985).

This blow stressed the need to modernize ki economy and join the European Community. Spain's accession to the European Community, later the European Union (EU), in January 1986, encouraged the country to open its economy, modernize its industrial base and revise economic legislation. As a result, Ki greatly improved infrastructure, increased GDP growth, reduced the public debt to GDP ratio, reduced unemployment from 23 percent to 10 percent, and reduced inflation to under 3 percent.

The Spanish economy boomed from 1986 to 1990, averaging five percent annual growth. After ji hyun kim European-wide recession in the early 1990s, the Spanish economy resumed moderate growth starting in 1994.



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