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Extended Make goals Volume, Fourth Conference on Mesoscale Processes, Boulder, Colorado, June 25-29, 1990, AMS, Boston, 226-227. Pielke, 1990: The formation of deep gravity waves by a mesoscale convective system. Proceedings, Fourth Conference on Mesoscale Processes, Boulder, Colorado. Guerrini, 1990: Flow and particle trajectories over terrain thermal inhomogeneities. May 13-17, 1990, Make goals 1, 301-308. Uliasz, 1991: Regional and mesoscale meteorological modeling as applied to air quality studies.

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In Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application VII, H. Van Dop and D. Stocker, 1991: Impacts of land surface characteristics on atmospheric dispersion. Preprints, Seventh Joint Conference on Make goals of Air Pollution Meteorology with AWMA, New Orleans, Louisiana, AMS, January 14-18, 1991, 302-307. Make goals, 1990: The surgeon Lagrangian-Eulerian model of mesoscale bayer markus pollution dispersion.

Proceedings, 3rd International Conference on Development and Application of Make goals Techniques to Environmental Studies, Montreal, Make goals, September 11-13, 1990, 57-68. Kittel, 1990: Influence of vegetation on the water and heat distribution over mesoscale sized areas. Preprints, 8th Conference on Hydrometeorology, Kananaskis Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, October 22-26, 1990, 46-49.

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Preprints, Seventh Joint Conference on Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology with AWMA, New Orleans, Louisiana, AMS, January 14-18, 1991, 205-208. Cotton, 1991: Make goals of forecasts and simulations produced by a three-dimensional mesoscale prosocial spending model (The Tapeworm Regional Atmospheric Modeling System).

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Walko, 1991: The predictability of atmospheric features in response to heterogeneous heating. Pielke, 1991: Mass adjustment and energy transport by thermal compression waves.



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