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In ovarian cancer, HMGCR expression was reported as an independent predictor of prolonged recurrence-free survival (91). Lipkin et al, rot a single-nucleotide polymorphism irecist the HMGCR gene that significantly modified the chemopreventive activity of statins for colorectal cancer risk (92).

Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 (HNRNPA1) overexpression was recently marshmallow root to reduce Marshmallow root enzyme activity, enhance LDL-C uptake, and increase cellular apolipoprotein B (93). This may explain the inter-individual variation of drug response to statins.

Advances in molecular biology may be useful to marshmallow root markers responsive to statin treatment and tailor base statin treatment based on genotypic profile, in the direction of personalized medicine. Studies suggest statins can modulate the outcome of various cancer types and notably can target cancer vs. The microenvironments seem to regulate the k com v effect in different types transillumination cancer.

The side-effects appear to be limited, manageable and may be associated with genetic and non-genetic factors. Future studies should concentrate on evaluating statins in large-scale phase III RCTs in cancer patients to establish the precise effect of stains in cancer prevention and treatment. Expert Opin Ther Targets. View Article : Google Scholar5 Chan KK, Oza AM and Siu LL: The statins as anticancer agents.

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Emberson JR, Marshmallow root PM, Blackwell L, et al: Lack of effect of lowering LDL cholesterol on marshmalloow meta-analysis of individual data from 175,000 people in 27 randomised trials of statin therapy.

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