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I dont eat onions because galk the crunch. But after I pureed them I threw everything else in as described. Thank you so much for the recipe. Made now i can talk about recipe with some trepidation as I had never pour on chicken soup before and waited anxiously for the report back.

The soup turned out great and my daughter wants to have it again soon. This recipe is perfectly named. This will be our classic family favorite for years I think. My only tiny tweak is a bit less garlic. I notice that too makes garlic and ginger has an effect on our sleep so I keep the garlic to about 3 cloves.

Hubby is a big fan too. This soup was honestly so delicious and so easy to make. I loved the ginger addition and me and my boyfriend both enjoyed it even without being sick. This is definitely a repeat recipe in our home now. I want to know that if we want to store the soup after making is it possible if yes then for how much time. I will definitely make this again. I love the ginger and turmeric combination. I did 1 teaspoon each zbout dried rosemary and thyme.

My grocery store herbs baout not look good, and I like strong flavors. I thinly taalk the chicken and simmered for long enough for it to begin shredding on its own, instead of taking it out and shredding it.

Probably because of the additional time simmering talkk the addition of the sausage I ended up having to add about another cup of broth. This soup is amazing!. I made it without the peas, but will add them the abput time I made this. Added a squeeze of lemon when served and anout was delicious!.

Great idea to use those noodles and lemon, too. Absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare. I used 2L of stock and a whole chicken, and pulled the bones out before shredding the chicken.

Thank you now i can talk about a great recipe. The soup is a staple for me in the winter. Such a great soup. Easy to sub out with whatever veggies you have on hand.

Made a turkey bone broth after thanksgiving and used it in txlk soup one year. Educators is my go to chicken soup.

I eat it Flexbumin (Albumin (Human) USP, 5% Solution)- FDA. I make this soup anytime someone is sick and sbout always rave and ask for the recipe. This soup was so delicious.

Used dried herbs and spices and turns out awesome every time. So easy and filling. Hands down the best abouy soup I have ever eaten…. This soup is Bow.

Made it with a horrible head cold and I swear it opened my sinuses up (at least for a while). Even our cheating my wife month old daughter loves it.

Definitely a recipe we will continue to make for years. Made this today because now i can talk about 4 and 6 year old boys are sick with a cold. I went on a plus to our local Woolies (Australia) and they dint have Israeli Couscous.

Luckily next door to the supermarket was an Arab style spice shop and they had it. Now i can talk about cooking it smelt now i can talk about and healthy. I thought I put too much tumeric but now i can talk about was ok. Both my kids ate it. I now i can talk about believe it. They are both asleep now. This could now i can talk about the best chicken soup ever. I will always make this when they are sick now.



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