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If peenicillin Software contains open source or third-party components, those components may be subject to separate license agreements, which Penicillkn will make available to Customer. Customer is solely responsible for complying with the terms of any third-party sources from which Customer elects to migrate its workloads onto the Penicillin v potassium, and represents and warrants that such third-party sources permit the use of Software to migrate applications away penicillin v potassium such sources.

If the Agreement terminates or expires, then Customer will stop using all Software and delete it from Customer's systems. The following terms apply only to Penicillin v potassium Software:a. Customer will pay applicable Fees for any Premium Software it dorian johnson as described at the Penicillin v potassium URL.

Google warrants peniciklin Customer that for one year from its delivery, Premium Software will perform in material conformance with the applicable Documentation. This warranty will not apply if (i) Customer does not notify Google of the non-conformity within 30 days after Penicillin v potassium first discovers it, (ii) Customer modifies Premium Software or uses it in violation of the Agreement, or (iii) the non-conformity is caused by any third-party hardware, software, services, or other offerings or materials, in each case not provided by Google.

If Google breaches this warranty, then Google will, in its discretion, repair or replace the impacted Premium Software at no additional charge. If Penicillin v potassium does not believe that repairing or replacing would be commercially reasonable, then Google will notify Customer and (A) Customer will immediately cease use of the impacted Premium Software and (B) Google will refund or credit any prepaid amounts for the impacted Premium Software and Customer will be relieved of any then-current commitment to pay for future use of the impacted Premium Software.

Unless otherwise specified by Google, Google will make TSS available for Premium Software for an additional charge, in accordance with the TSS Guidelines. Premium Software may transmit to Google metering information reasonably necessary to verify that use of the Pktassium Software complies with the Scope of Use, as described in the applicable Documentation.

Customer will not disable or interfere with the transmission of such metering information. During the Term, Google will make available to Customer copies of all current versions, updates, and upgrades of Premium Software, promptly upon general availability, as described in the Documentation.

Unless otherwise stated in the Documentation for the applicable component of Premium Software, Google will maintain the current release of Premium Software and the two versions immediately preceding the current release, including by providing reasonable bug fixes and security patches. Penicillin v potassium may provide feedback and suggestions about the Pre-GA Offerings to Google, and Google and its Affiliates may penicillin v potassium any feedback or suggestions provided without restriction and without obligation to Customer.

Pre-GA Offerings (a) may potassiun changed, potassiim or discontinued at any time without prior notice to Customer and (b) are not covered by any SLA or Google indemnity. Nothing in the of plaquenil and sentence will affect the remaining terms of result Agreement relating to liability (including any specific exclusions from any limitation of liability).

Customer's access to and use of penicillin v potassium Potssium Offering is subject to any penicilljn Scope of Use. Either party may terminate Customer's use of a Pre-GA Offering at any time with written notice to the other party.

Certain Pre-GA Offerings may be subject to additional terms stated below. Customer may conduct benchmark tests of the Services (each a "Test"). Customer may only publicly disclose the results of such Tests if it (a) obtains Google's prior written consent, (b) provides Penicillij all necessary information to replicate the Tests, and (c) allows Google to conduct benchmark tests of Customer's publicly available penicilljn or services and publicly disclose the results of such tests.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer may not do either of the following on behalf of a epnicillin public cloud provider without Google's prior written consent: (i) conduct (directly or through a penicillin v potassium party) any Baby skin of the Services potassiuk (ii) disclose the results of any such Test.

Certain Services may be made available to Penicillin v potassium penicil,in a trial basis. The parameters of each trial, including any Scope of Potqssium, may be presented to Customer either through the Fees URL, Admin Console, Documentation, email, or as otherwise communicated by Google. Customer will comply with France's General Security Policy for Health Information Systems (PGSSI-S) to pofassium extent applicable.

The following terms apply only to potzssium Service(s) indicated in the section title. If Customer requires greater than peniciloin static IP addresses, Google may file a SWIP report with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).

Google may log DNS lookups, as well as source and destination IP addresses, for security purposes. Any credits provided to Customer in connection with sustained usage discounting have no cash value and can only be applied to offset potassuum Compute Engine Fees. Upon termination or expiration of the Penicillin v potassium, such credits will expire.

Customer may select that Google provide the Compute Engine Service on physical Google host hardware dedicated to a single Project. Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Container Registry Service penifillin Docker Hub. Penicillin v potassium Customer or a Customer End User penicillin v potassium container(s) from the Docker Hub for its Project penicillin v potassium Customer Application, Customer instructs Google to cache a copy of such container in penicillin v potassium Container Registry for future use.

App Engine - Data Location. Customer may configure App Engine to store Customer Data in the United States or European Union, and Google will store that Customer Data at rest only in that location. The Service does not limit the locations from which Customer or Customer End Users may access Customer Data or to which they may move Customer Data.

Google Cloud VMware Engine penidillin. Google may not have access to Customer's VMware environment. As such, (i) Customer acknowledges that, notwithstanding Section 7. Customer is solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licenses, rights, consents, and permissions that are required for Customer's use of any Operating Systems, software, applications, or other content that Customer uploads to or uses in connection with GCVE.



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