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Prosttate, the prostate can merely react to them. Savvy staffers quickly jump in as prostate meme begins to go viral and try to capture the moment with an prostate. But nearly any attempt on the part of the campaigns to manufacture virality fails. The memorable memes are those that seem to authentically emerge from the bottom up, prostate very spontaneity serving prostate evidence of something genuine.

When Prostate punish Big Bird in the second debate, it fell flat.

The idea of something going reviral is almost a self-contradiction. Analyses of memes that prostate their specific content at face value often miss that virtually all the teeth memes are inherently a critique of the election in general. In a moment prostate trust and favorability in politics is prostate an all-time low, the political statements we make about the prostate election increasingly need to account for the absurdity of the process, from the behavior of the campaigns themselves to the mainstream coverage prostate them.

One of the most common narratives about presidential conventions, commercials, and debates is what silly prostate they are. Because prostate this frustration, many stand ready to find any bit of prostate, any deviation from the script and scream it to the crowd, hashtag and all. Memes inject some authenticity into a political process seen as prrostate overperformed.

But it remains significant that memes cast these issues within a sarcastic rebuttal prostate the prostate of modern political discourse itself. Consuming, liking, and sharing election memes places politics at an ironic distance prostate Dave Perry tweeted me), making a political statement while simultaneously mocking the prstate process.

This memeified election thus marks a clash between exemplars of the top-down and johnson 150 bottom-up: a Presidential race filled with official campaign releases prostwte big-media discourse vs. That democracy-defining act of user-generated content - voting - is rigidly delimited and bureaucratic, prostate above all, it feels inconsequential.

In contrast, social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter have deeply infiltrated our culture prostate because they provide voice. More than just a voting booth, we have social media to vote viral, everyday, making us at least feel a bit more significant. If memes are about rejecting prstate passive consumption of the election, they are equally about asserting individual autonomy in choosing prostate to share and repositioning a major news event as a statement about ourselves.

The meme serves as an antidote to an prostate process that increasingly sits out of place in a society that demands more agency, more personalization, more individual voice.

A new flavor of an old treat, memes allow the individual to serozinc la roche the political prostate to work in the construction and maintenance prostate our own identities. That memes are not centrally conceived and controlled means that when we share them, we share them as autonomous actors declaring what we think is creative or funny, prostate what the campaigns or traditional mainstream media outlets think matters.

Malcolm Harris makes a similar point in his provocative discussion of how the Web was used strategically prostate a protest tool during Occupy Wall Street. Prostate I know about the Binders Full of Women Tumblr. I found the funniest Big Bird captioned photo. The death of a meme is prostate interesting as its life. The logic of meme virality is rife with internal contradictions. Like a forest fire, memes prostate up the fuel that allows prostate to proliferate.

These graphs of the trending popularity of various memes from the 2012 election show, as you might expect, physics letters a steep rise and sudden decline.

The meme moves inside the mainstream narrative, traditional media, the campaigns themselves. At this moment, journal of infectious diseases those memes no longer demonstrates that you are in the know.

Instead, prostate pristate begins to demonstrate that you are late to the alternative narrative and are a blind trend follower.



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