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Drug or Food Interactions with SSRIs Withdrawal and Other SSRI Drug Side Effects For More Information on SSRIs SSRIs and Depression Topic Show sex List: Show sex Share Eat to beat depression and anxiety Story How Do SSRIs Work.

Post SSRIs and Depression - Food and Drug Interactions Show sex you suffered any food or drug interactions with your SSRIs.

Post SSRIs and Depression - Patient Experience Show sex impact have SSRIs had on your life. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 07 November show sex (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) has long been suspected show sex play a role in the etiology of depression, and modern neurochemical techniques have confirmed this suspicion.

Furthermore, all drugs known to be selective (a relative term) serotonin transporter (SERT) inhibitors are effective antidepressants. Of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) approved in a number of countries for use in depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, citalopram is the most selective.

Citalopram has been used worldwide to treat an estimated 35 million patients, show sex an excellent safety record. Citalopram is show sex racemic drug, and its effects on serotonin transport are thought show sex reside in the S-enantiomer, known as (S)-citalopram or escitalopram. Escitalopram is the most selective SSRI yet developed. Its receptor binding properties and activity in preclinical animal models of depression predict that escitalopram would be effective in the treatment of depression, with approximately twice the potency of the racemate.

The pivotal clinical trials of escitalopram not only support this conclusion, but also suggest escitalopram possesses advantages show sex citalopram in terms of both efficacy and safety. In conclusion, escitalopram is a show sex candidate for use as a first-line antidepressant. Rosenbaum Article Metrics Article contents Abstract ReferencesGet access Share Abstract Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) has long been suspected to play a role in the etiology of depression, and modern neurochemical techniques have confirmed this suspicion.

Type Research Article Information CNS SpectrumsVolume 7Issue S1: The Show sex and Clinical Show sex of Show sex IsomersApril 2002pp. Content show sex require purchase if you do not have access. Stanley, M, Virgilio, J, Geishon, S.

Tritiated Imipramine binding sites are decreased in the frontal cortex of suicides. Perry, EK, Marshall, EF, Blessed, G, Tomlinson, BE, Perry, RH. Show sex imipramine binding in the brains of patients with depressive illness. Owens, MJ, Nemeroff, CB. The serotonin transporter and too baby. Serotonin transporter mRNA in rat show sex is regulated by classical antidepressants.

Role of serotonin in the pathophysiology of depression: focus on the serotonin transporter. Owens, MJ, Ritchie, JC. In: Charney, DS, EJ, Nestler, Bunney, BS, eds. Neurobiology of Mental Illness. Ellis, PM, Salmond, C. Is platelet imipramine binding reduced in depression. Owens, MJ, Ballenger, CA, Knight, DL, Nemeroff, CB. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. Robertson, DW, Krushinski, JH, Fuller, RW, La roche face, JD.

Absolute configurations and pharmacological activities of the optical isomers of fluoxetine, a selective serotonin-uptake inhibitor. Wong, DT, Threlkeld, Show sex, Robertson, DW. Affinities of fluoxetine, its enantiomers, and other inhibitors of serotonin uptake for subtypes of serotonin receptors. Eli Lilly pulls the plug on Prozac isomer drug. Hyttel, J, Bogeso, P, Perregaard, J, Sanchez, C. J Neural Tramm Gen Sect. Owens, MJ, Knight, BS, Nemeroff, CB.

Second generation SSRIs: human monoamine transporter binding profile of escitalopram and R-fluoxetine. Validity, reliability and utility of the chronic mild stress model of depression: a 10-year review and evaluation. Montgomery, SA, Loft, H, Pcos, C, Reines, EH, Papp, M. Escitalopram (S-enantiomer of citalopram): clinical efficacy and onset of action predicted from rat model.

Papp, M, Sanchez, C. Escitalopram: potent and rapid in chronic mild stress model of depression. Show sex, PJ, Hogg, S. Behavioural show sex of escitalopram predict potent antidepressant activity. Escitalopram has potent show sex effects in rodent anxiety models. Von Moltke, LL, Greenblatt, DJ, Giancarlo, GM, Granda, BW, Hannatz, JS, Shader, RI.

Escitalopram (S-citalopram) and its metabolites in vitro: cytochromes mediating biotransformation, inhibitory effects, and comparison to R-eitalopram. Burke, WJ, Gergel, I, Bose, A. Fixed dose trial show sex the single isomer SSRI escitalopram in depressed outpatients.

Fixed dose study of escitalopram in the treatment of depression. Data on file, Forest Laboratories. Rosen, RC, Lane, RM, Menza, M. Escitalopram: A Show sex SSRI Volume 7, Issue S1 Michael J.



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