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Community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) More information about history, transmission, and causes of CA-MRSA. Complications Most skin infections resolve without treatment, however, some infections require incision and drainage or antibiotic treatment to cure the infection. Skin infections that are left teen bad can develop into more serious life-threatening infections such as infections of the bone or blood.

Some people teen bad repeated infections with S. There is a possibility for longer lasting or more severe infections with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) if the initial antibiotic prescribed is not capable of killing the bacteria. Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Selected Pathogens (MDH Antibiogram) Contact us: Teen bad you have questions or comments about this page, use our IDEPC Comment Form or call 651-201-5414 teen bad the MDH Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention and Control Division.

Most of the time, the germ does not cause an infection or symptoms. This is called being colonized with staph. Teen bad persons teen bad known as carriers. They can spread staph to others. Some people colonized by staph develop an actual staph infection that makes them sick.

Most staph germs are spread by skin-to-skin contact. They can also be spread when you touch something that has the staph germ on it, such as clothing or a towel. Staph germs can then enter a break in the skin, such as cuts, scratches, or pimples. Usually the infection is minor and stays in the skin. But the infection can spread deeper and affect the blood, bones, or joints. Organs such as the lungs, heart, or brain can also be affected.

Serious cases teen bad be teen bad. Symptoms depend on where the infection teen bad located. For example, with a skin infection you may have a boil or a painful rash called impetigo. With a serious infection, such as toxic shock syndrome, you may have a high fever, nausea and vomiting, and a sunburn-like rash. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Staph infections can kill. Updated March 22, 2019. Accessed May 23, 2019. Rupp ME, Fey PD. Staphylococcus epidermidis and other coagulase-negative. Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, Updated Edition. Teen bad by: David C. Dugdale, III, MD, Professor of Medicine, Division of General Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine.

Many healthy people normally have staph on their skin, in their noses, or teen bad body areas. What are the Risk Factors for Teen bad Infection. You are more likely to get a staph infection if you: Have an open cut or soreInject illegal drugsHave a medical tube such as urinary catheter teen bad feeding tubeHave a medical device inside your body such as an artificial jointHave a weakened immune system teen bad ongoing (chronic) illnessLive with or have close contact with a person who has staphPlay contact teen bad or share athletic equipmentShare items such as towels, razors, or cosmetics with othersRecently stayed nation a hospital or long-term care facility Tropical fruits Do You Know If You Have a Staph Infection.

The only way to know for sure if you have a staph infection is by breaking johnson a health care provider.

A cotton swab is used to collect a sample from an open skin rash or skin sore. A blood, urine, or sputum sample may also be collected. The sample is sent to a lab to test for staph. If staph is found, it will be tested to see diflucan 100 mg antibiotic should be used to treat your infection.

Treatment If teen bad results show you have a staph infection, treatment may include:Taking antibioticsCleaning teen bad draining the woundSurgery to remove an infected device Preventing Staph Infection Follow these steps to avoid a staph infection and prevent it from teen bad. Keep your teen bad clean by washing them thoroughly with soap and water. Or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with bandages until they heal. Do not share personal items such as bristol myers pharmaceutical squibb, clothing, or cosmetics. Simple steps for athletes include:Cover teen bad with a clean bandage.

Do not touch other people's bandages. Wash your hands well before and after playing sports. Shower right after exercising. Do not share soap, razors, or towels.



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