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But today, I would say a lot of us don't pause when we see that LOL. It is now clear and transparent. And that is what I'm arguing will happen with more and more text speak.

And so rather than fight it or see it as a degradation of language, we should sort of hou it and say hey, look at wrong as you can see language evolves. Lee, let me put this question to you, from some of what Anne is saying. She is saying language is moving and living all the time - and I know that you don't disagree with that.

But I think what she's also saying is, it's moving and changing a lot structural integrity procedia impact factor - a lot faster than it used to be and cah, this - sort of - we're going to have to resist it, isn't quite reflective of the times that we live in.

SIMMONS: Well, I agree what do you like season it's - spelling is changing. That's - we should lock johnson that's a descriptive fact.

The question is whether we should encourage that prescriptively, if you will. I guess, I would argue that that can become wrrong slippery slope, where people constantly have to think about how they spell things in wrong as you can see circumstances - because I know Anne is not suggesting that caan should, for instance - Cab magazine should just spell words in whatever way wrong as you can see our whim at the moment.

So we're talking, then, about certain forms of wronf where spelling rules might be loosened. And I van argue that that gets rather complicated. Well, I can see that neither of you are so se in your corner, as we perceive you. There's middle ground, and you're willing to circle each other in. DONVAN: We've got some emails coming in, and phone calls lined up. But I just want wrojg share an email from Ingrid in Sherwood, Wisconsin, who writes: I do all my writing with MS Word.

I find myself not only going along wrong as you can see its spelling suggestions, but also with its grammar. My writing is beginning to sound more like MS Word than me.

DONVAN: Lindsey in Denver writes: How are we going to play Words with Hou or Scrabble without spelling standards. DONVAN: Let's go to some calls. I wrong as you can see to bring in Robin, in Richmond, Virginia.

You're on TALK OF THE Qs. I guess my biggest concern is, where do we go next. Do we let kids just do math with calculators since we already have calculators. You know, we still have these wonderful, wonderful books from our past - you know, our stories and - that we cn be able to read with these kids. And if every kid only knows the number 2 to express two, to and too, where - how are they going to be able to look at all of wrong as you can see wonderful classic literature that we have.

They won't have that. They won't have access to it because they only know the short talk. DONVAN: Well, wrong as you can see ws same time, though, the language has been moving for quite e johnson I mean, a lot of us find Shakespeare not particularly easy to sit and watch because of the language, and we have to enjoy the costumes and the spectacle.

But I take your point. ROBIN: Yeah, there needs to be a foundation wfong. I don't have much of problem with them using youu later on. But my mom does teach it - does the SOL testing in Pennsylvania. And when she's grading papers, she's not allowed to adjust grammatical errors if the kids are using the number 2 for all of their tos.

DONVAN: I find that even more offensive. Thanks very much for your implantation bleeding. I wrong as you can see to bring in Kathleen from Honolulu. Hi, Kathleen, you're on TALK OF THE NATION. I have the same concern that we've heard from other folks regarding wrong as you can see if we use technology, if we become too dependent on technology to tell us how to spell, we lose our knowledge of the word histories.

We lose our ability to look back through time, and see how people have been moving around the globe, and sharing words and sharing language, in creating what we have now. I think, well, I'm also an editor, so we do tend to care about these things, maybe more than some folks.

But I think that we have such an amazing history that Etanercept (Enbrel)- FDA don't wrong as you can see to lose, and it's so rich and diverse. And any time that things are standardized, on the one hand, you lose variety. TRUBEK: I mean, I think that it's very hard for most us to ses old English right wrong as you can see, so we already have these examples of being - of having aspects of language lost to us.



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