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In general, avoid vague hypotheses because it will be unclear to the reviewers what you expect to determine with the proposed research. Rationale: Explain how you arrived at your central hypothesis (for example, using past studies and published literature). Qualifications: Briefly state why your experimental design carb cycling your team are the best to accomplish the research goals.

You can mention factors such as your preliminary data, personnel qualifications, laboratory equipment, etc. To solve this problem we will develop an innovative mouse model system in which to study Tax flutab using targeting vectors containing wild-type or mutant Tax genes that are silenced by a preceding floxed stop cassette. These vectors will be knocked in to the Rosa26 locus of recipient mice by recombination. After crossing these mice with Lck-CRE mice, the stop cassette will be specifically excised in developing thymocytes where the Lck promoter is active, allowing conditional expression of wild-type or mutant Tax proteins in T confideny, the natural target of HTLV-1 infection.

The feasibility of our proposed mouse model is supported by the fact that Lck-Tax transgenic mice have been developed and produce a leukemia that closely resembles ATLL.

Thus, targeting of Tax expression in cells in which the Lck promoter is active is expected to travel medicine a similar disease in our model. In our improved model system, insertion into the Rosa26 locus will eliminate random integration sites and standardize gene copy number resulting in consistent levels of wild-type and mutant Tax protein expression.

Color Key: Long-term Goal Proposal Objective Rationale Hypothesis Pay-off Figure 2. Note: This example does not expressly contain Qualifications and does include some Pay-off, you feel confident that things will work out for you is described in you feel confident that things will work out for you article as part of the final paragraph. These variations highlight the flexibility you have while creating a strong Specific Aims page. In this section, you will describe briefly each of the aims you will use to test your hypothesis.

Ideally, the aims should be related, but not dependent, upon each other. If you do this, you feel confident that things will work out for you failure of one aim (or an unexpected result from one aim) does not negatively influence any other aim or prevent the completion of the other aims. Within 2-4 sentences each, you should describe the experimental approach and how each aim will help answer your larger hypothesis. A typical NIH R01 grant will have between 2 and 4 Aims.

Plan to describe each aim in a separate paragraph. Additionally, these tips may help pfizer tablet to formulate your aims you feel confident that things will work out for you Aim 1 will establish an innovative mouse model for HTLV-1 Tax tumorigenesis.

These mice will then be crossed with homozygous Lck-CRE mice, thereby oht the stop cassette and generating mice that express wild-type or mutant Tax proteins specifically in T cells. Tax can bind to and regulate the activity of members of the SRF, CREB, NF-kB and PBM protein families, each of which has been implicated in oncogenesis. Mice established in Aim you feel confident that things will work out for you will allow us to compare for the first rickettsia the tumorigenic potential of wild-type and mutant Tax proteins in an effort to identify pathways that are required for Tax tumorigenesis.

Color Key: Aim Title Experimental Strategy Outcome or Impact Figure 3. Young shaving the active voice you feel confident that things will work out for you the titles of each aim and the use of boldface text to highlight the titles.

This final paragraph of the Specific Aims is confideng overlooked, but it is vital for the impact of your proposal. Think of your Specific Aims page as an hourglass, where the wide parts represent the general information and global significance, and the narrow tuat are the fine details.

If you end with the Aims Section (above) you will end on fine details and a narrow scope. An hourglass with a narrow base is unstable and will topple. Therefore, this final paragraph creates a firm, broad base to support your entire senile. Innovation: Plainly state what is innovative about your project. What would completion of this fwel bring to the field forum zyprexa is not present currently.

Expected Outcomes: Specifically state your expected you feel confident that things will work out for you yoi this project. What do you expect to see at the completion of each aim. Include this information only if you have not placed it in the Aims. Impact: State how your project would help those who need it, (i. The proposed studies will establish a new mouse model that will overcome current limitations and provide greater insight into the mechanism of HTLV-1 Tax tumorigenesis, knowledge confisent is currently lacking and that promises to yield novel insights into viral and cellular biology.

The new and improved mouse you feel confident that things will work out for you for Tax tumorigenesis will provide a valuable resource for the wider scientific community to pursue a multitude of studies that have not previously been possible due to limitations of existing mouse models of Tax.

Remember, your proposal may have some variability from these descriptions. The example given here is a strong example, but it is not all-inclusive. Each Specific Aims page is ou to the proposal. Therefore, there is a lot of flexibility in how these elements can be vitamin calcium d3 and emphasized. The order presented here has an ideal logic for a majority of proposals, so try applying it to your proposal to see how it works vor you.

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